Stampede Cocktail Club in Fremont

Through a drunken haze, I was drawn to Stampede Cocktail Club due to their music choice. Old school southern hip hop. UGK, Project Pat, Goodie Mob etc. I only heard it due to the speaker blaring it into the street in the whee hours of the night. As my visiting friends illegally smoked their legally obtained marijuana in the street, I ushered them toward this dark building that was blaring Wood Wheel.

The music that could be heard loud and clear in the street made speech between patrons inside nearly inaudible. This pleased me a great deal. Rap music is meant to be loud. The interior was very dark with a hue of purple light lining the corners of the wall and ceiling. The whole ambiance really worked. Felt like a place you go to cap off the night, exactly what the doctor ordered.

As we approached the bar, one of the patrons further down the bar gave us a once over and immediately knew we hadn’t been here before. She stood up on her stool and yelled something at us while her friends all grinned. Luckily, the music blurred her words and my friends were too drunk and high to perceive their environment so there was no escalation.

The hostility didn’t end there however. I took a look at the menu they provided and knew that this was no dive. Hand crafted cocktails were being served and the prices reflected it. Fair enough. I don’t know enough about fancy drinks to engage with those that do, so I picked something on the menu and relayed my choice to my friend who had this round. My friend had other plans, hitting the bartender with “What drink is your favorite?” The bartender responded to this like a slur, peppering him with requests for more details, relishing that my friend was  A. not his normal customer and B. wasted.

My friend didn’t let this stop him however, and ordered 3 daiquiris (I didn’t know they came in a non frozen variety) along with my request for a signature drink. We found a table in a side room with a similar ambiance and candle light. The drinks were delicious and the music choice never let up.

Let me be clear, while the bartender and some patrons weren’t “friendly” to us, I didn’t mind one bit. We were visibly drunk and reeked of weed. We needed to be told off and this place gave us what we deserved. Made me respect them more.

Cost: $13 per drink with tip
Rating: Dope
Will I Go Again: Yes

Author: yuppietrash

Late 20's. Works at a Start up. Disposable Income. Let's see whats worth the money.

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