Pasta Freska in South Lake Union/Queen Anne

The same friend with the shitty idea to go to the car show so he could talk about his Tesla, made up for it big time with this restaurant recommendation. He took an Uber pool from the airport and heard from a fellow passenger about a restaurant with a revolutionary idea. NO MENU. You heard it right. The chefs make whatever they’ve got that night and just bring it out to you. It’s obviously an Italian operation given its name: Pasta Freska.

I have to say, just hearing about this concept made me ecstatic. A small part of me dies every time that I have to choose between two entrées, silently lamenting what could have been with the other dish I left behind. This experience promised to eliminate all of those psycho feelings, without being a buffet. I always think that buffet’s are the answer to my decision quandary, but my eyes are bigger than my stomach. I end up gorging myself and feeling shittier than I did when I was starving. The idea of a pre ordained set of meals would save me from myself.

Pasta Freska is right off of Lake Union with ample street parking. It’s interior is cozy and candle lit at night. We were given a table right by the kitchen so we could observe what was being brought out when and where, attempting to anticipate what our next plate would be. Our waiter was very friendly and made sure to ask us all if we didn’t like anything or we’re allergic to something. My girlfriend asked for no raw tomatoes, which they obliged on the opening salad while the rest of us were graced with the delicious fruit/vegetable. Swell service indeed.

What followed was an onslaught of small to medium dishes that ranged from mussels to lasagna to beef tenderloin to garlic bread served with perfect timing toward the end of a rigatoni dish with extra sauce that could not be wasted. I believe we were each served 8-10 dishes, with some varying by sex, males getting one dish and females getting another. The meal lasted about 2 and half hours and 3 bottles of wine. Since we were enjoying ourselves so much we opted for dessert and coffee before we went out.

I really can’t recommend this place enough. The concept of no menu was what I dreamed of and I wish more restaurants believed in their chefs enough to employ it. Food per person was around $33 dollars and no one felt under or over fed. Wine was more expensive and we probably could have done dessert and coffee somewhere else but I don’t regret it. Great night with great friends at a great restaurant.

Cost: $70
Rating: Amazing
Will I do it again: Hell Yes

Author: yuppietrash

Late 20's. Works at a Start up. Disposable Income. Let's see whats worth the money.

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