Voodoo Fest Day 3: Drug Mule Miss

Early in the day we hit the French quarter as a whole group and scored some Pat O Briens followed by beignets. It was wholesome touristy New Orleans time that I will look back on fondly for years to come. People hate “touristy” stuff but often things become touristy because they’re fun, especially when it comes to New Orleans. The French Quarter is a national treasure that we almost lost during Katrina. If you visit New Orleans, make sure you go, even if you have other yuppie/hipster/trust fund friends who say its touristy. Be the judge for yourself.

After our morning came to a close, we prepped our entry for Day 3. My girlfriend and my friend’s fiancé decided they were sick of the mud and crowds and decided to stay in and watch the Sabrina the Teenage Witch reboot. More power to them!  My remaining 3 friends popped on some half baked costumes, grabbed our Spongebob totem and headed to the entrance.

Note that we got in fine the previous day with the totem. Today, my friend entered the line with Spongebob and when it was time for him to be scanned he was ripped to the side to be searched. According to him he basically had his grundle thoroughly explored while they screamed “WHAT’S IN THIS THING” at him.

Listen, I understand that a Piñata may be a creative way to bring drugs in. Just imagine that your at a festival and someone smashes a piñata and a bunch of baggies fly out much to the joy of those looking on. This was not one of those cases. They went ahead and destroyed the piñata after my friend answered truthfully that there was nothing in it. After coming up with nothing in their search (thus missing several other drug users smuggling in less blatant ways, shoes socks etc.) they tried to give back Spongebob’s mangled corpse to my friend. He denied and met us at the gate where he heatedly regaled his tale. I was bummed. If you haven’t figured it out yet, I love totems. They are functional, expressive, and fun to dance with. Strike against the Voodoo staff.

We went on to see 21 Savage. I went into this really not sure of what his stage presence would be like. He often raps in a very flat, cold tone and I wondered how it would translate to a live show. His DJ got the crowd going by playing Mo Bamba, a favorite among the kids nowadays. I mention his DJ because you could hear him loud and clear trying to hype the crowd. After a few more songs, 21 Savage finally came out and it sounded like he was whispering. He would spit a bar that we could barely hear and then you’d hear the DJ ring out a “LETS GO”. I want to believe it was a technical thing, but it only got marginally better as the show went on. Despite that, he played some hits that were fun to sing a long with, but he’s far from the best performer. Would not see him solo going forward.

We then headed to the last act of the festival, Tipper at the EDM tent. We only heard about this DJ because we listened to the Voodoo Fest playlist on Spotify. His music is very trippy and atmospheric while also being something that you can bob along too. When he came on the visuals immediately blew me away. From Voodoo dolls to witch doctors, the series of sinister images reflected the whole Halloween vibe. I am a big fan of this guy now. I likely won’t go back and listen to all of his albums, but if he comes to where I live I’ll make an effort to go (after consuming some sort of stimulate or psychedelic to be sure).

All in all, Voodoo Fest was fun but far from the best festival I’ve been to. The mud/ grounds really hurt the experience, but some of that was made up for with the offered experiences and art exhibits on the grounds. Despite its shortcomings, it’s price point is low enough to make it enticing for a lot of yuppies.

Cost (not including lodging and flights):$180
Rating: Pretty cool with a side of trash
Would I go again?: Probably not-

Author: yuppietrash

Late 20's. Works at a Start up. Disposable Income. Let's see whats worth the money.

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