Voodoo Fest 2018 Day 2: Failure to Prepare is Preparing to Fail

Now knowing what we were getting with the mud, we cerebrally planned our approach over some brunch in the bungalow in our back yard. God damn writing that felt so bougie.

It was clear that we needed to divide our group of six into teams of three. We had marathoners and sprinters. Of course I was the asshole that split from my girlfriend but she’s a saint and knows I like to get my drinks in. I love that she doesn’t give me a hard time about it. I made sure that we did a couples photo shoot before I left. We put a bunch of time into our costumes and she had sown a cape on one of my shirts so it was only right

So the marathoners would go in during the early afternoon and the sprinters would meet us later in the evening. We all had more appropriate footwear that we were ready to part with and had a better lay of the land, with a full slate of acts on the day. I steered the marathon team toward Lizzo to start the day, after downing a couple of road beers on the walk in. Nothing like being able to walk to a destination with a beer in your hand. It’s so freeing.

We got very close Lizzo’s stage at my behest. I saw Lizzo open for HAIM in Seattle and while it certainly isn’t music that’d be my go to, her stage presence is phenomenal. She is a large woman who preaches body positivity with self awareness and charm that I have seen from no one else within that movement. It also doesn’t hurt that she’s hilarious. Check out her Twitter for a laugh.

She came out to the Sailor Moon theme song dressed up as the heroine herself and her back up dancers as the rest of the celestial Sailors. I won’t go into too much detail about her performance, but I will recommend anybody to experience Lizzo live. It’s something that the medium of writing can’t accurately express.

From there, we went to the haunted house inside the venue after getting more drinks. The line was shorter than expected and as we got to the entrance they informed us that they had a no drink policy. Cue the 16 oz IPA chug. This catalyzed an impending brown out. The haunted house was mediocre. The only real scare I had was in the final room where a man with a chain saw popped out of a closet just before the exit. My hometown friend and I ditched his girlfriend as this happened, leaving her to be hacked to pieces by the chainsaw murderer.

We then went to see Janelle Monae at the same stage as Lizzo. She did her hits and did Django Jane from a throne which was appropriate. That song is a jam and if she did a whole album of her just rapping id be all for it. If I put the two performances head to head however, I’d likely choose Lizzo. She is both literally and figuratively larger than life. Also Janelle Monae’s sound was cut towards the end of her performance so maybe she was short changed but them’s the breaks.

After Janelle Monae, we took it easy and waited for the Sprinters to get there. They were able to find us due to our Spongebob Piñata Totem that had cheap LEDs all over it for visibility in the dark. Security let me in with this despite it’s capacity to mule in contraband. More on this in day 3’s write up.

We met up just before Marilyn Manson. I thought that Marilyn Manson was becoming irrelevant and that I’d be able to get close to the stage or into a mosh pit. I was wrong! They popped him on the third stage and it was packed. I probably could have pushed up to the front but it would have been a slog . Marilyn Manson from afar was still entertaining. “YOU SAY GOD AND I SAY SATAN!” could be heard throughout the festival. Very apt for Halloween.

Then came the finale that was Travis Scott. Childish Gambino bailed at the last minute and Travis Scott filled in. A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one. He’s arguably the biggest rapper in the game right now and is dating a kardashian so everyone in our group was familiar with him. Dude has HITS and his visuals are A+. My lady was very impressed by the whole performance. I was pretty trashed but I remember Stargazing and Sicko Mode being awesome.

From there, we beat the crowd and got back to our Air Bnb without incident. All in all a great day and much improved from the day before despite the mud.

Author: yuppietrash

Late 20's. Works at a Start up. Disposable Income. Let's see whats worth the money.

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