Future of Flight/ Boeing Factory- Somewhere North of Seattle

So while my buddies from the East Coast were here, I wanted to take them to Rainier. It’s  my favorite thing about Seattle. I don’t think a single word can do it justice, but for now let’s just call it majestic. Unfortunately, Rainier is tempermental and the forecast in the national park was 40 degrees and rainy. So abandoning those plans, I polled my audience as to what they wanted to do with our free day.

My friend suggested the Boeing factory. So naturally I took him to the museum of flight thinking they were one in the same. We got there and it turns out he is allergic to museums so we drove an hour back through traffic to the Boeing factory.

The tour was an hour and a half, costs $25 dollars, and (audible gasp) you can’t bring your PHONE!

This almost broke the deal for my friends. They were up to their eyeballs in Hinge matches and couldn’t put their phone down lest they not respond in time and lose out on the woman of their dreams. I assured them it’d be therapeutic and we pulled the trigger on the tickets. My other friend, who is basically Robocop, whispered to himself “I feel naked” as he walked away from his phone stashed in the free locker.

Good thing we actually complied with the no phones policy. We were reminded no less than 6 times to not bring our phones with us on the tour. And that was before the 5 minute Boeing propaganda video. After we heard how the Boeing company could do no wrong and never should have to answer to any regulation, a surly old officer walked to the podium. He said, with his perfect cliché police chief voice, something to the effect of “I must reiterate that if you have your phone that it will be confiscated for the impending investigation that will be filed after your removal from the premises”. Yikes! He put the fear of the American Government in me.

From there we hopped on a charter bus. You know the ones with the 3 tvs that you may or may not have watched one of the first 3 Harry Potter films on while you were in grade school. It takes us past two planes that can apparently survive nuclear pulses (coolest part of the trip) and to the largest building in cubic feet in the country. Didn’t look that impressive, but some of the art on the building was cool.

They walked us through a service tunnel and to an elevator. Lot’s of suspense up to this point. I’m thinking I’m going to see some real state of the art assembly line shit. When we get off the elevator the factory is revealed to us and….. its basically a giant Home Depot, but all the Home Depot employees are building 747’s.

Turns out building planes takes a shit ton of time and meticulous effort. Therefore there are no assembly lines. Just people working on the stuff piece by piece. We go up and down a couple more elevators and finally see a line of fully made planes. They were impressive, but nothing you haven’t seen at the airport. Underwhelming for a tour.

We got back and took a Gram worthy picture standing next to the tail of one of the planes laid flat on the ground and that was that.

Boeing Factory Rating: Somewhat Trash
Cost: $25
Would I do it again?: Only if someone else visited and really wanted to go. Otherwise No.

Author: yuppietrash

Late 20's. Works at a Start up. Disposable Income. Let's see whats worth the money.

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