Q Night Club- Cap Hill, Seattle

So I had friends in town and wanted them to get a taste of Seattle nightlife while they were here. They are single and I am not. They still go out every weekend and I do not. They wanted to know where the cool spots to get drunk were on a Thursday and I had no clue.

I did know of Q Night club in the Cap Hill neighborhood of Seattle. I’ve walked by it in the past and there was a line, some EDM bumping, and a long mysterious hallway to the entrance so I assumed it might be cool.  One of my buddies loves EDM so I figured line + long hallway + EDM = A good place to bring them on a Thursday. Boy was I wrong!

After having a drink and playing ski ball at Comet Tavern (where we should’ve stayed), we headed over to Q night club. The cover was $15. Since it was a steep cover I was expecting a pretty big club with multiple bars/floors/rooms. Having been to Miami, Vegas, NYC, and the Jersey Shore this is the norm with a cover like this unless there’s some sort of band or known music act playing.

We got in there and the place is tiny. It had fake out mirrors that give it the impression of having another room, but you’re actually just staring at your own stupid face wondering if you just paid $15 for this tiny piss hall. Ok maybe I’m over exaggerating. Its a quaint venue and could be good given a good crowd and the right music.

The problem was this DJ was playing suped up lullabies. Dancing was absolutely impossible. The only thing we could do was just sway slightly and hope that the beat changed. Spoiler: IT NEVER DID. We stayed there for a good 45 minutes waiting for this DJ to hop off the table and hand it over to someone to save the night. IT NEVER HAPPENED. To top it all off, my friend pointed out that the DJ was completely feeling himself throughout the whole thing even though we were all conking out mid drink.

Full disclosure: I am not a big EDM guy so maybe it’s some sort of up and coming artist in a niche sub-genre that my friends or I weren’t hip to, but MAN, it was boring.

Q Night Club Review: Pretty Trash
Cost: $15 on a Thursday
Will I go again? Nope

Author: yuppietrash

Late 20's. Works at a Start up. Disposable Income. Let's see whats worth the money.

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