Millenials vs Yuppies vs Hipsters


Quick breakdown for y’all that are confused. There are subtle distinctions between these groups but they are necessary to parse the holy grail demo that is the yuppie.

Millennials are people born in between 1980 and 1997. It’s a word that has become a favorite among the growing group of journalists that enjoy yelling at clouds. It basically means “young adult” and is too broad a term for those trying to tailor experiences to a certain demographic.

Yuppies are a subset of millenials who have funds. Let me be clear, Yuppies are NOT just young white people. In my experience, big corporations have diversity initiatives that champion all walks of life; black, white, asian, hispanic/latino, gay, straight, disabled etc. In my opinion, the yuppie and corporate worker Venn diagram looks something like this:


It’s not the 80’s! The fresh out of college professional in America is a much more diverse group than it once was. When thinking about Yuppies, I’d focus more on their thirst for experience and their willingness to pay for something “cool” more so than thinking about skin color, orientation, or whatever else people are segmenting by nowadays.

Hipsters are people who are above certain trends. They think Coachella sucks because its all about the fashion, but wear ridiculous shit to stand out. Case and point I wore overalls to a music festival this summer, desperately trying to blaze the path for overalls comeback (PS. overalls are really back though; you’re welcome).

I can see someone making an argument that a hipster doesn’t have to be a yuppie, but I lean toward the idea that they are a subset of Yuppie. A hipster without a budget is something more of a hippy, grifter, or wook IMO.  Hipsters have a narcissistic tendency to deem the things they like objectively better than the stuff their broader cohort enjoys.

This is a double edge sword. On the one hand, a hipster can sniff out something that’s actually good and that will become mainstream early. This is the exception to the rule. More often than not, the hipster likes something just to go against the grain and be able to seem more interesting to her cohort. Hipsters shell out more money for weirder and more exclusive stuff and shit on other people for getting/ doing something more mainstream.

If yuppies are your target demo, and you’re wondering whether to market to the subset of hipster yuppies, consider your product. Are you looking to move units/ bring in a lot of people? If so don’t market to these people. They are not worth your time. However, if you have art that takes a ton of time to make or is of the avant-garde variety, these people are your bread and butter. Shoot those price points up and market your product/ experience/ whatever as a *VERY RARE* exclusive.

I’ll be expanding on the Yuppie vs Trust Fund Baby in a later post, to clear up the notion that a Yuppie is just someone with a ton of money.

Millenial -> Yuppie -> Hipster for those of you tracking at home.

-Yuppie Trash

Author: yuppietrash

Late 20's. Works at a Start up. Disposable Income. Let's see whats worth the money.

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