Yuppie Revelation

There I was, in my city apartment working from home and listening to experimental hip hop when it hit me. The lyric that spawned my new found identity and this blog.

 Selling art to these yuppies getting mixed offers — Williamsburg; JPEGMAFIA

That’s me. I’m one of those yuppies this guy is selling art to.  Hit me like a ton of bricks. I’ve been in the corporate world for over 3 years but I never viewed myself as a yuppie. I was just some guy, or a bro, or a hipster, or a millennial, but never a yuppie! And yet here it was in plain sight. I was just living my comfortable, corporately funded lifestyle, thinking about how much I’d pay to see this guy rap and then, mid song, he reveals who his demographic is. If so facto, I am a yuppie.

Not gonna lie I was bummed at first.Yuppies SUCK! They’re fickle and fake, hopping from  activity to activity to fulfill their “living my best life” promise to themselves, and recording every moment so they can flex on all of their friends that weren’t with them at the time. Vapid, self centered, ungrateful, selfish etc. The list goes on.

In that moment, my above idea of what yuppies are and my identity merged. Not great! However, through months and months of therapy (a yuppie luxury; it is EXPENSIVE) I learned that my self esteem is not to be fucked with, so rather than fight the label or wear it in shame, I’ve embraced it. Yes, yuppies suck in a lot of ways, but we are what we are and set the cultural trends for better or worse.

More importantly, yuppies are by definition young people who are paid well. JPEGMAFIA is making a solid business decision by targeting them.  Yuppies should be the most sought after demographic for companies who can’t seem to peg down those damn youths. Judging by all the industries that Millenials have killed, business owners need help figuring yuppies out. As the yuppie authority I’m here to help.

This blog is here for 3 reasons:

  1. To give me a creative outlet.
  2. To review expensive experiences for fellow yuppies.
  3. To give business owners attempting to sell experiences to yuppies an insight into our psychographic profile.

The format may change, but my plan is to review experiences that cost me over $30. I’ll record how much was spent and deep dive into what I was doing/ why I shelled out the cash to do it. It’ll be everything from music festivals to rock climbing. From mud runs to dance lessons. From cooking class to a college football game. There’s a ton of experiences to be had and some that are better than others. Let me help sort them out.

-Yuppie Trash


Author: yuppietrash

Late 20's. Works at a Start up. Disposable Income. Let's see whats worth the money.

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